We are a uniquely integrated program of  College Readiness/Success Training,  Academic Coaching, Mental Health and Career Counseling for
high school and college Students With ADHD 

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The Summer Connection to College Program


The Problem: Many Students with ADHD are Not Ready for College

A national survey in 2015 found that more than 75% of college instructors were dissatisfied with their students’ preparedness in critical thinking, comprehension of complicated materials, work and study habits, writing, written communication, and problem solving.

The numbers for Students with ADHD are even higher, have an even bigger struggle to master and generalize these skill sets in the less structured environment of college. And without these skills, students with ADHD go forth woefully unprepared to meet the rigors of college and career.


 An estimated 40% of students with ADHD fail the first semester of college. Many never try again.


College Students Group

Our Summer Solution:

Get them ready for College!

Our Summer Connection to College Program offers a unique opportunity for students to assess their readiness for college and improve skills in the areas where they are not fully ready for success.    

By combining our Program Components of College Readiness Assessment, College Success Training, and Academic Coaching, with summer college courses, we ensure they will head off to college with these important and necessary skills intact.


Rising High School Juniors and

Graduating High School Seniors Benefit from this Program by:

  • Developing Life and College  Readiness/Success Skills
  • Accomplishing Early Academic Remediation
  • Obtaining College Credits
  • Gaining College Experience while still in the home environment
  • Improving Organization and Planning Skills within a College Structure

How this Program works:

College Readiness Assessment*: Academic Coaching

The Student works with our staff to complete a thorough assessment of their readiness for college with added focus on areas of academic strengh and weakness.

Register for Summer College Course(s):

Program staff works with the student to select a course at Northern Virginia Community College (dual enrollment for rising Juniors and regular enrollment for graduated Seniors).  Course selections are made to reflect the students' need for academic remediation, confidence, and career exploration, offering them an experiential means of learning more about the college process before beginning full-time college studies.

Attend College Readiness Workshop*:Birthday Logresize1

Students attend our 3-day residential workshop - an intensive, experiential venture in developing areas such as critical thinking skills, emotional and stress management, executive function and critical thinking skills.

 Academic Coaching/Follow-up*:

While taking courses during the summer college session(s), students work individually with one of our academic coaches to implement and personalize the strategies they developed during the workshop into an individualized success plan for college.

Peer Support Group: Peer support Group photo

Students attend a weekly group meeting to share what they have learned, including strategies and problem solving, and otherwise support each other on their journey to college.

* Fees for these services can be found under the "Residential Workshop" tab.